White Water Riverbug

White Water Riverbug
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  White Water Riverbug

Quiet moment on the riverbug
Standing on a riverbug

River Bugging is a whitewater sport originated in New Zealand where a single person navigates a stretch of river in a craft known as a river bug.

The river bug is a small inflatable craft

with an inflatable tube at each side of the user and an inflatable back rest behind. The user sits between the tubes. 


River bugging is as peaceful as canoeing, exciting as rafting and active as white water kayaking. 


You will be provided with a wetsuit, swim fins and paddle mitts whilst “bugging”. The swim fins and paddle mitts are the only means of steering and propulsion as no paddle is carried on a river bug.


The special feature about River Bugging is that you will feel safe and have a lot of fun from the very beginning.


Want to try something new? Then try River Bugging!


We offer 2.5 hours of pure fun: First, you will receive expert instruction and then, you will embark on a trip down the “Ziller” River - starting in Aschau and going all the way down to Kaltenbach.


There is no previous experience required. You just need to know how to swim. Children (from the age of 13) must be accompanied by an adult. 


Trips are available in the months of May through October. They are rarely cancelled due to bad weather

River bug trips are done together with my co-partner: Aktiv Zentrum Zillertal


Trying to swop riverbug
Enjoying the riverbug
Rafting mark


Per. Person € 45,-

Incl. transportation, equipment and guide.

Rasmus Tours, Tlf.: 0043 680 3340955, rasmus@rasmustours.com