About me

About me
On the top of the vulcano Villarica, Chile!
Refugio Argentina on the vulcano Lanin, Argentina!
On the top of Cotopaxi, Ecuador!
Well arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina!
Canyoning, Zillertal!
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Top of a vulcano in Chile

        About me

Welcome to my site and to Rasmus Tours, a new  active holiday tour operator with its "base camp" in the Zillertal valley, Tyrol, Austria.


Let me tell you a bit about myself: My name is Rasmus Hauskov and I was born and raised in Fabjerg, West Jutland, Denmark.



I went on my first extended trip when I was 19 years old. I travelled with a good friend of mine and, as you can imagine, it was a huge adventure! Since then my desire to discover the world has been a big driving force in my life. It has taken me to Asia, Oceania, North America and especially to South America where I worked as a ski instructor in different ski areas for several seasons and had some unique experiences such as ski tours to the top of steaming volcanoes, trekking tours in Tierra del Fuego, expeditions in the Amazon jungle, and climbs to the “Cotopaxi” volcano in Ecuador and “Nevado de Cachi” in north Argentina!      Though the biggest adventure was  when  I, together with a good friend, biked through Argentina and Chile!


I have spent most of my time in Zillertal the last years, though: as a ski instructor in winter and as a trekking, biking and rafting guide in summer. 

I have always loved nature and done sports, and I found out that the Zillertal valley is the ideal place to combine them. It is a perfect area to do all sorts of outdoor activities! There are innumerable possibilities to experience nature while getting some exercise and sometimes even an adrenalin rush, as well. Therefore, I truly hope that I can share all this with you!!!


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Rasmus Tours, Tlf.: 0043 680 3340955, rasmus@rasmustours.com